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    Is Avobenzone In Sunscreen Dangerous?

    Can you guess what’s the most used UV filter in the whole world? *drumroll* Avobenzone! The reason is simple: it’s the only UVA filter available all over the world that doesn’t turn your face into a white, greasy mess. Yes, other UVA filters exist, but they’re either not been approved for use in big countries […]

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    5 Interesting Facts About Sunscreen You Probably Didn’t Know About

    How well do you know your sunscreen? I bet that little tube you’re using every day (because you are using it every day, RIGHT?) has been keeping secrets from you. It probably evaded the question when you asked it what the heck SPF is. And it may have forgotten to mention that not all members […]

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    What Does PA On Sunscreen Labels Stand For?

    Ever wondered what the PA+ symbols on your sunscreens bottles stand for? SPF is all about how much sun protection a sunscreen gives you, so what does PA+ stands for? I mean, there must be a reason why this acronym has been popping up on so many sunscreen bottles in the past few years… What […]

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    Why Zinc Oxide Is The Best Sunscreen Ingredient Ever

    If I had my way, I’d put zinc oxide in every sunscreen. I know, I know, it sometimes leaves an annoying white cast behind. And it can be a tad too greasy. I can put up with these little annoyances (of course, it helps my skin’s pale and dry). Nothing’s perfect. But zinc oxide comes […]