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    How Many Skincare Products Can You Use In Your Routine?

    How many skincare products can you use in your skincare routine before your skin says “enough is enough”? In the old days, it was just cleanse, tone and moisturise. But in the past couple of years, I’ve seen women’s skincare routines get out of control. Korean skincare encourages you to use 10+ products morning and […]

  • perioral dermatitis treatment

    Your Acne May Actually Be Perioral Dermatitis

    One morning you wake up to clusters of tiny red bumps around your mouth and nose and think oh, it must be a new product breaking you out or maybe it’s because you’ve been slacking on your tretinoin at night. So, naturally, you treat it like you would any other breakout and think it will […]

  • difference purging breakouts

    Skin Purging VS Breakouts: How Can You Tell The Difference?

    Let’s talk about skin purging vs breakouts. If you’ve ever tried a new skincare product only to see a whole gang of pimples spring up on your face, what is it you’re dealing with exactly? Sometimes, that’s a good thing. Yes, really. It means the product is working its magic and getting rid of all […]

  • Estee Lauder micro essence activating treatment lotion

    What’s A Skin Essence (And Do You Need One)?

    What’s an essence?! Is it a toner, only thicker? A serum, only less moisturising? A hybrid in between the two? Most importantly, is it a revolutionary product you need to incorporate into your skincare routine… or just another Korean gimmick designed to make you spend more money for little to no benefits? Yep, that’s me, […]

  • la roche posay hydraphase intense serum

    Can You Use Serum As Makeup Primer?

    I am a Paula’s Choice fan girl. When she speaks skincare, I usually listen. But when I came across a certain video by her Skincare Team (I’d link to it, but it has since been removed), I did a double take. The lovely Desiree was talking serums and mentioned you can use them as primers, […]