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    Is Avobenzone In Sunscreen Dangerous?

    Can you guess what’s the most used UV filter in the whole world? *drumroll* Avobenzone! The reason is simple: it’s the only UVA filter available all over the world that doesn’t turn your face into a white, greasy mess. Yes, other UVA filters exist, but they’re either not been approved for use in big countries […]

  • vitamin c cause acne

    Does Vitamin C Cause Acne?

    Does Vitamin C cause acne? You’ve heard this powerful antioxidant brightens skin and keeps wrinkles at bay and you’re dying to add it to your skincare routine ASAP. But you’re worried your oily, acne-prone skin won’t be able to take it. Anything breaks you out. Will this be any different? Here’s what the science says […]

  • 5 natural ways to heal fungal acne

    5 Natural Ways To Heal Fungal Acne That Really Work

    What are the best natural remedies for fungal acne? The first step is to rid your skincare routine of ANYTHING that could remotely feed Malassezia, the fungus that’s making your life miserable. I’ve written a post about how to do this here, so I won’t repeat myself. The second step is to kill the damn […]

  • octyl palmitate in skincare

    Octyl Palmitate (A.k.A. Ethylhexyl Palmitate): Is It Comedogenic?

    If you’re avoiding silicones like the plague, you may be familiar with Octyl Palmitate. It’s a common (and cheap) alternative. But, what is it exactly? There’s nothing wrong with silicones (yes, really), but if you don’t want to use them, you’ll probably hope the alternative is a natural one. And what does it do in […]